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About Petriage

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Petriage is a sophisticated algorithm that asks a series of questions evaluating your pet’s symptoms and then gives you a recommendation on a four-point scale: Non-Threatening, Worrisome, Urgent, or Emergency

We have teamed up with Petriage so you can get excellent care for your pets whenever they need it.

To use Petriage simply download the app to sign up for a free account to submit your pet’s symptoms and receive a real-time recommendation on what to do next with your pet to avoid an unnecessary, lengthy and expensive ER visit.

Our Petriage Analysis Symptom Checker is free and if you’d still like to speak with a LIVE Vet Tech there is one available 24/7 to deliver on-point insight for a small fee, ensuring you make informed decisions about the need for veterinary care.

With Pertriage, you will be able to receive assistance for your pet anytime, 24/7, even when we are not available to speak with you, so click the link today to sign up.