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25 Signs Of Pain In Cats

Common Signs of Pain In Your Cat to Watch For:


According to an article which appeared on Feb. 24, 2016 in PLOS One, a multidisciplinary online journal;Catpain 19 international veterinary experts in in feline medicine feel these twenty-five signs could indicate that your cat is in PAIN. While they add that no single sign is necessary for a cat who is in pain to express, any are sufficient to consider your cat may be in pain and should be seen. This is especially true when we consider that cats hide their illness, and often hide themselves when they are sick.



  1. Lameness
  2. Difficulty Jumping
  3. Abnornal Gait
  4. Relutance to move
  5. Reaction to petting or palpation
  6. Withdrawn or Hiding
  7. Not grooming themselves
  8. Playing Less
  9. Decreased Appetite
  10. Overall Being Less Active
  11. Less Rubbing toward people
  12. Decreased General Mood
  13. Change in Temperament
  14. Hunched Posture
  15. Shifting Weight
  16. Lickking an area constantly
  17. Lowering their head
  18. Eyelid Twitching
  19. Change in feeding behavior
  20. Avoiding bright areas
  21. Growling
  22. Groaning
  23. Eyes squinted or closed
  24. Straining to urinate or defecate
  25. Tail flicking