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See pain in a whole new way.

Hippocrates said “in whatever part of the body where an excess of heat or cold is felt, disease is there to be discovered.” Recently thermal imaging has been in the news, as doctors detect breast cancer earlier than mammography with a 97% success rate.  Digital Thermal Imaging discovers where it hurts by measuring radiated energy.

The differences in energy are displayed in different colors, where hotter areas have inflammation and cooler areas have a lack of circulation. Why did we invest in such technology when other veterinarians can’t or won’t. Because we feel it is important to help our pets be happy and healthy. So often they can’t tell us where it hurts. A screening is quick and painless, and completely safe with nothing emitted. With X-rays, radiation is emitted and while our x-ray machines are relatively safe; we must monitor exposure. X-rays show bone fractures well, while subtle changes like ligament tears are often not visible.  We are able to find secondary areas of pain from arthritis not visible with x-rays. As with breast cancer, the mass or changes have to get large enough to be visible with radiation. With DigaTherm, we are seeing improved outcomes with precise targeted treatments. We also are able to measure the success of our treatments by seeing the reduction in inflammation.