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Why Does My Dog Lick His Feet

Licking and Chewing Feetpaw

One of the most common complaints or questions I hear is "Why does my dog lick his or her feet all the time?" Should you be concerned? 

The answer is "Yes." Some dogs are gentle but constantly licking can cause problems, and generally indicates there is a problem. Some dogs will go so far as to chew their toes off. I recommend that you bring your friend in for an exam, so that we can identify the cause and develop a treatment plan. I am going to look for redness, swelling, odor, a splinter or sticker, ticks, tumors, bleeding, limping, cuts, punctures, burns, and broken nails.


Allergic skin disease: 

This is the most common cause why dogs insistently lick their feet, and particularly food allergies, but the licking and the moisture leads to secondary infections which require antibiotics and or antifungals. Some feel that their pet licks his feet because it feels good. And while that may be true, dogs instinctively lick a wound or irritation to attempt to clean it; not necessarily heal it. The problem can be an obsessive behavior caused by stress or bordem. It can be caused by a neurlogical problem like carpal tunnel in people. It can be a sign of an autoimmune disease if it is effecting the nails and or pads. So as you can see most of the reasons that your pet is driving you and himself crazy constantly licking are treatable. Schedule an appointment today by calling (727) 461-4393.