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Honey for Infections

Honey (natures medicine)honeyjar

A recent study confirmed that Honey is bactericidal, meaning it kills bacteria. We have all heard that honey can have botulism and make babies sick. This is thought to be because babies immune systems are not developed enough to fight the colostridium bacteria and their intestines more easily absorb the bacteria. This Colostridium is a contaminate, but evidently not effected by the honey's bactericidial properties because colstridium has a protective covering. There is a honey called medical grade honey which has been sterilized or the bacterial contaminates were killed. The most common bacterial ear infections are Staphylococcus and Pseudomonas. These bacteria create biofilms.


Biofilms are a thin slimly layer that allows the bacteria to adhere to each other and the surface tissue in the ear or on the skin.

The important hallmarks of chronic biofilm-based infections are extreme resistance to antibiotics and many other conventional antimicrobial agents, and an extreme capacity for evading our immune response. The antimicrobial, healing and biofilm breaking properties of honey make it an attractive addition to our treatment of chronic ear and skin infections. Unfortunately experience has shown its antimicrobial effects are incomplete alone. Many topical applications are described for fighting infections and healing wounds. These unfortunately can be messy and the pet typically likes the taste and creates more issue licking the areas. Thus it is my recomendation to administer the honey orally for skin infections, or combine it in a bandage as it will promote healing. The Dosage when giving by mouth is 1/2 - 2 teaspoons. For ear infections, I recomend an examination to make sure the ear drum is intact if applying to the ear canal.