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How to clean dogs' ears

Ear-CleaningI recommend cleaning your dogs' ears weekly with a cleaning solution. We sell one here at A Pet's Place animal hospital with my own label that has a sweet pea and vanilla scent. In doing this regularly you will help prevent ear infections because the cleaner dries the ear and leaves an acidic balance in the ear to minimize infection. First you will grasp the ear and elevate it gently. This helps straighten out the transition from vertical and horizontal canals. Then place a small amount of cleaner in the canal. Massage the side of the head over the vertical canal to work the solution down and dislodge the wax and dirt. Now you may allow your pet to shake, but I prefer to go ahead and wipe out the ear. This removes the material that has come to the top and is in the folds at the ear opening. Then when they shake I don't get as showered with cleaning solution and debris. I again wipe the ear with a small piece of soft cotton on my finger. I try to avoid using cotton tipped applicators as they can push debris farther into the canal. I continue wiping the folds and down in the canal as far as I can reach until the ear is clean. If you see pus or blood or smell a foul odor please call for an appointment, as we do not want to put cleaner in an ear with a ruptured ear drum. ~ Dr Cowden