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How do you stop dogs from digging?

DiggingFirst most dogs will dig because it's fun and a way to explore. Never punish your dog after the fact, or stake your dog out next to the hole they've dug. Additionally never fill the hole with water and force them into it. These things will only make the problem worse especially if it was fear or anxiety motivated. If your yard is beginning to look like a minefield with craters everywhere; the first thing to realize is that your dog isn't doing this for spite or to destroy your yard. More likely he's seeking entertainment, prey, comfort or protection, to escape, or attention. Your dog needs entertainment. They feel dirt and roots play back and it's fun. Avoid leaving them alone in the yard. Get toys and play fetch or Frisbee. Kong®-type toys filled with treats or busy-box dog toys work especially well. Rotate the toys to keep things interesting. Take them for at least 2 walks a day to give them attention, let them explore, and tire them out. If you see signs of wildlife in your yard, sometime the ultrasonic devices can be placed in the area to drive them away. These may also bother your dogs' ears to keep them away or you could fence of the area. Never put out poison at it could poison your pet. If the holes are next to the foundation or under a tree and they are lying in them; it is likely it is for comfort. They are hot and the dirt is cool. Again don't leave them out alone when they are getting too hot. If they are digging at the fence, we've got to figure out why they want to escape, and eliminate the motivation. Burying chickenwire under the dirt works, or burying a foot of the fence can help. Finally, I recommend a playbox, kind of like a sandbox (an area full of loose dirt where it is ok for them to dig) You can encourage them to play here by burying their toys first shallow and gradually deeper. I have also had success in burying some of their feces in a hole where I want them to avoid, as they don't want to play in that. ~ Dr. Cowden